Why The Airwaves Are Beneficial For Promotions

When we think of advertising campaigns, the thoughts that come to mind are endless. Across various media channels be it television, radio or the newspaper, there are countless promotions and slogans that have been pushed by companies in a bid to increase their customer base. On the other hand, some are more effective than others in their own way as they appeal differently to diverse market segments. Taking radio into account, there are a lot of reasons as to why it is considered an effective medium for advertising purposes.
In comparison to television, radio is a very much personalised method of communication. Usually, listeners have a tendency to to develop an attachment to their favourite radio stations and radio personalities. From time to time they are so loyal, they do not change the channel at any point which means all those trailers are heard by them. A Virgin radio advertisement for instance slotted in for a particular time segment on a particular show means that those tuning in at that time are sure to catch it.
At the end of the day, it is music that always soothes your soul, and people like to tune into stations that are likely to play genres close to their heart. They also enjoy taking part in competitions and winning prizes on shows. This brings about a close bond between the listener and the station subconsciously. Which means in turn they are more to be expected to pay attention to various promotions going on in the hopes that perhaps they too could get a deal out of it.
Think about it; what is more portable? Television or radio? Radio of course. It is more in the cards that you would for example be exposed to a Virgin radio advertisement than the same thing on a screen. In your car, on your phone, or any other device you use, chances are radio is accessible to you. As a result it is mobile, which means coverage is to a certain extent expansive.
Yet again when compared to television campaigns, radio works out to be much cheaper. Which is music to a company’s ears. They can pick out between prime-time and non-prime time shows as the latter works out to be cheaper. Top brands are usually in competition with each other for prime time shows as these are high peak times with maximum exposure. Hence, radio works out to be quite a handy tool for advertising.