Helping Your Child Through The First Phase Of School

The start of nursery can be a harrowing experience for parents who have to let their children go for the first time, but it is also a big step for the kids themselves. Which is why just as it is important for you to come to terms with it, you need to also be there to help prep your little one for this big step in their lives. Granted they might not understand very much about the whole thing, but they will start to wonder where you went to and why their mom is not around as much anymore. Take it in baby steps, and help them understand in language they know. A long-winded pep talk is not going to cut it so make it as kid friendly as you possibly can! Have a look at this guide to helping your kid through this phase.


Your child will feel your absence quite strongly after all you are the person they have known all their lives so far, and the ones they know they can depend on. So being chucked into a room full of strangers is understandably emotionally taxing for little minds. A good way to help them understand what is going on is to create excitement. Watch videos of nursery schools in Dubai with them and show them how much fun it can be to play with others their own age, and how many different fun-filled activities there are. Also show them just what a big playground they will have to run about it! By doing this, you will take away their fear and replace it with curiosity.


There are some things your child would need to know before their first day so why not pull out some of their books and go over some of the exercises with them? This will help them grasp an idea of what to expect and when it comes to classroom time, they will not feel left out if they are confused. Go over different words with real-life objects for them to get an idea and especially use play to help them grasp concepts. This also makes for a good bonding session before you have to let them go, so make the most of it!


This is one of the biggest achievements as a parent! As any parent would know, potty-training a child can be quite a challenge but it must be done, especially by the time they have to begin schooling. Of course for some it could take a little longer, but be patient. Before you browse through nursery schools, you want to know that your child will be able to take care of themselves in this regard so when they are of a suitable age, it is time to get them potty-trained. Be calm, do not yell at them and keep doing it until they get it right.


We live in a world where it seems that all that matters is how well your child is doing regardless of what they are going through. Do not turn into one of those parents. They are not about to get a job in a corporate firm once they finish nursery so allow your child to learn at their own pace. If you feel there is a serious delay in their learning then by all means speak with the teacher on what you should do but do not push your child unnecessarily. You could cause emotional damage and put them off going to school completely so tread carefully. Patience is a virtue as they say, so be a parent and not a dictator!